History of Football

Football are a game of fire in the United States and Europe. They have started the game of football in late 17th century and have continued the game for several decades. Getting deeper into the game’s origin, it all started from the ancient people in China and Japan. Ancient Chinese call the game using feet  Tsu’ Chu and it is called Kemari in Japan that boomed during Asuka Period. Rome and Greeks too are believed to be playing feather like ball through their feet around 300 BC. According to history, Han Dynasty in China is the first foot game that created rules.

The emperors of Japan too played football during their reign. In ancient Mesopotamia, people too played ball games like football. In fact there is no certain place where the game of kicking ball started. It is just an estimation of when the different civilizations started playing the game. From first to third century, games have come to make rules like playing football by seven each team.

Time has already evolved that there were countries who have already made the game official in the region or even in their town. For example, competition between towns have already started in the late 17th century in England. Of course, there was also such system in America. From that time, football associations started.

In 1863, there was a launching of football Association. The schools and universities in London became the first schools to establish a game for football. There also were the rules  and regulations of the game were initiated. Now, there are many football leagues competing with each other. For example UEFA, NFL, FIFA. These are the the super teams in the history of football.